A Peek into the Design Process

How do you design your quilts? Or more accurately, how do you go from an idea to a design to a pattern? I've been designing 3 and 5 yard quilts for almost a year now, and we just added in 4 yard patterns. These tend to work a little differently from typical pattern designing – … Continue reading A Peek into the Design Process

Around Town or “Jimmy’s Quilt”

Sometimes you find a fabric collection that just speaks to your soul. The designer must've taken a peek and seen exactly what you want. That's how I felt when I saw Stacy Iest Hsu's collection “On the Go.” Except it wasn't my soul – it was my son, Jimmy's. (The feeling was mutual). He caught … Continue reading Around Town or “Jimmy’s Quilt”

Quilters Candy Virtual Trunk Show

I started my business during a rocky time in my life when I just wanted to find some beauty. I think it's a common theme among quilters – during ugly times, make quilts to create beauty. Tammy Silvers of created a fabulous online Virtual Trunk Show. Every hour, a different designer with give a … Continue reading Quilters Candy Virtual Trunk Show

Vinalhaven Wave Pattern Release

It's here! I've gotten feedback from my testers, made a few modifications, and I'm finally ready to release the pattern for Vinalhaven Wave. This quilt looks more complicated than it is. It's easy strip piecing, a little template cutting, and a smidge of bias seams. If you've never used a template or sewn on the … Continue reading Vinalhaven Wave Pattern Release