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In the past three years, I’ve written dozens of 3 yard quilt patterns. Over 40 of them, at last count. You can find some of them here. As with any pattern, I send them out into the universe and hope they’re made and loved. I love when I see them shared in Facebook group or when I’m tagged on Instagram. But I know that so many more are bought than are made.

I want to change that.

My dream is to start a membership group where we come together as a community to make a 3-yard quilt once a month. I’ll send you a brand new pattern each month, share tutorials, tips, and tricks. I’ll sew along with you, help you overcome any roadblocks or challenges you encounter, and cheer you on from start to finish.

I’ve delayed this for years wanting to have everything perfect from the start. But now I’m ready to just jump in. I know there will be some hiccups as I go along, and to reward those of you who are willing to come along on this journey with me from the start and help me work out the bumps, I’m offering you the very lowest pricing this membership will ever be.

As a founding member of my membership, you’ll pay just $14.97 each month. You’ll get a pattern, a custom quilt label for you to use on your quilt, and access to a private Facebook group. This price will not increase for the lifetime of this membership as long as you stay a member in good standing. If you pay in advance for the year, you’ll get two months for free – twelve months of membership for just $149.00.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send me a message at heather [at] coffeeandquilts [dot] blog and let me know that you’re in! This enrollment offer is only available until Friday, May 5th.

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