Around Town or “Jimmy’s Quilt”

Sometimes you find a fabric collection that just speaks to your soul. The designer must’ve taken a peek and seen exactly what you want. That’s how I felt when I saw Stacy Iest Hsu’s collection “On the Go.”

Except it wasn’t my soul – it was my son, Jimmy’s. (The feeling was mutual).

He caught me looking at the fabrics and immediately fell in love.

His favorite color is green, he loves trucks of all sorts, and he’s rapidly outgrowing his toddler bed. Clearly, a big boy quilt made from this collection was just what the doctor ordered.

I wanted something that would showcase the fun larger prints and so, “Around Town” was born.

How fun is this?

I sorted my layer cake squares into pairs of “large print” and “small print” couples. The large print squares became the city blocks, the small print squares the side walks surrounding them. The dark gray print was absolutely perfect for the roads in between.

Yes, Jimmy loves this quilt. Yes, he went through a phase where he’d see me working in EQ8 and want to color each quilt green with yellow bulldozers.

Perfect quilt for my big boy and his new big boy bed.

This pattern is available at Moda Bake Shop for free! On The Go fabric is available in stores now.

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