A Brief Hiatus

I didn’t mean to be away from my blog for so long.

First, we were traveling. Jimmy and I went to Tennessee to see my sister be promoted to Major in the US Army. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe it. We got to spend a few days with her and our visits are never long enough. Jimmy loves his Aunt Lauren.

After a few flight delays, we made it home long enough to unpack our TN suitcase and fill it back up for our annual vacation to Vinalhaven, ME. I might’ve mentioned before that we travel there every year. (I mentioned it here). We made it on the Fourth of July, so we got to spend some time with my father-in-law on his birthday. Our visit overlapped with some of my husband’s cousins’ trips to Vinalhaven, and it’s always nice to see family.

We got home about two weeks ago, and Jimmy and I have not had the easiest time settling back into a routine. The tiny tyrant learned to climb out of his pack and play and translated that into climbing out of his crib here at home. We’ve had a little visitor climb into bed with us each night since we’ve been home. I don’t mind that so much but his naps have been awful.

Once upon a time, I would be able to just place Jimmy in his crib, read a book or two, tuck him under mama quilt, and I’d have three glorious hours to work. Now there are plenty of tears, pleas to snuggle with mama, books, more tears, an escape attempt or two…and if I’m lucky, I get an hour or so of a nap from him. Sometimes I end up just napping with him.

(Yes, for the record, I know how incredibly lucky I am that he was such an incredible napper.)

But all this to say, not a whole lot of work has gotten done. I think I’ve spent five minutes at my sewing machine since I’ve been home, and that was mending a pair of jean shorts for a neighbor’s daughter. I had great plans for all the sewing I was going to get done today, but a major headache derailed that plan.

I’m hoping we find our way to a new rhythm soon. I’ve got lots to share – mystery quilts, magazines, online fabric release parties, and maybe even a finished quilt or two.

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1 thought on “A Brief Hiatus

  1. I know all about best laid plans… consequently I rarely make them. Flexibility is my motto. Hummmm I could really use daily naps right now, but the days are too short already. More hours Please!

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