The Best Kind of Wonderful

As someone who’s always suffered a bit of insecurity, I’m always floor by positive feedback. I was very nervous before the podcast, but the reaction has been worth it.

I was still floating on air from the podcast, when my Grammy’s Staircase block was released on Wednesday for the Moda Bake Shop 2018 Countdown to Christmas. This has been a different experience than designing an entire quilt. Making a quilt is a big commitment, but making a block is easy. And seeing my block pop up on social media is amazing! I really do need to quiet that little voice in my head that tells me my designs aren’t good enough.

Grammy's staircase2.JPG

I drew up an entire quilt made up with my block, and then I immediately ordered the fabric to make it (Return to Winters Lane by Kate & Birdie for Moda). So now I’ve got another quilt on my list to make. I’ve written up a patternette and listed it in my shop. It gives the fabric requirements for the lap quilt and the layout instructions. The block instructions are free at Moda Bake Shop, and so I’ve decided to offer the patternette as the deeply discounted price of $2. I struggle between wanting to share everything with the world, but needing to maintain my business.

In non-quilting related good news, I had my final oncologist appointment yesterday. I received a clean bill of health, and I am officially past my molar pregnancy related cancer nightmare. This past year has definitely been challenging, but with this good news, I feel ready to greet 2019.

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