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I’ve always known that if I were to start a business, I’d want to be able to give back to my community. Over the years, there have been various causes close to my heart. I could ramble for ages about all of this, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

Shortly before I got pregnant, a former co-worker, Melissa, and her wife announced that they were expecting. (I’m not super close with Melissa, but believe me when I say she is a good person. When I left the job because of my struggles with mental illness, she reached out to me and I don’t think I even responded to her, but the gesture meant the world to me.)

They welcomed a beautiful baby boy a few months before my own arrived, and we did the typical Facebook friend thing – liked each other’s photos, shared in experiences of teething, growth spurts, etc. But then our paths diverged in a terrible way.

At 18 months old, their Jackson was diagnosed with leukemia. When I was diagnosed with cancer a few months later, despite being in their own world of struggle, Melissa again reached out to me to let me know they would be keeping me in their thoughts. Again, that incredible goodness shown through to me.

Now for a rant. Trust me when I say, cancer sucks. Chemo sucks. And I am a grown adult woman who can articulate what hurts and where it hurts and how it hurts. I understand when a doctor gives me statistics and requires tests, and even if I don’t like it – I can understand why it’s happening. And I still think it sucks.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to be so young and not understand the need for tests and tubes and hospital stays. I cannot begin to understand what it feels like as a mother to see your son so very ill and feel so helpless. My heart breaks for their family.

Once I regained my health and dove back into quilting, I knew I wanted to make a quilt for Jackson. Bright colors, snuggly backing – everything a kiddo could need. The design was something that was rattling around in my brain for a little bit, and it just seemed to work well for what I wanted.

Twice is nice

The blocks go together quickly, a jelly roll and some yardage make enough blocks for two baby-sized quilts. This was my first attempt at using Minky or any other kind of cuddle fabric as a backing, and I learned a lot. I share my tips and tricks in the pattern.

Jimmy on quilt
The quilts are Jimmy approved!

In addition to sending one of these quilts to Jackson, I’m donating $1 from every pattern sold to Melissa and her family to help cover their expenses. Jackson is currently out of the hospital, but they’ve temporarily relocated to be closer to CHOP as there is plenty of follow up. Their expenses continue accumulate, and finances are something they do not need to worry about right now.

You can read more of their journey and donate here.

The pattern can be found and purchased here.

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