Two weeks at a time, half a week behind

I got such a tremendous response to my Moda Bake Shop pattern on Instagram that I didn’t even mention it over here. This has been one of my favorite quilting moments so far. I am humbled and thankful beyond words.

My health has been up and down. Each cycle of methotrexate, my chemo drug, is two weeks long. I have daily injections for five days and then nine days off. I’ve had four cycles so far. My body tolerated it well for the first two cycles, but there’s an accumulative effect throughout the week of shots and then as the cycles continue. By Wednesday or Thursday of those first two shot weeks, I was feeling fatigue beyond what I felt before – even worse than the newborn haze. By the weekend, I’m absolutely spent, and I only start feeling better the following Wednesday.

So my life has naturally segmented itself into two week time periods following the chemo cycles. I feel half a week behind because of the delayed onset of pain and tiredness. It’s hard making any sort of plans – not just checking if it’ll be a chemo week or not, but trying to anticipate how I’ll feel. It’s not fun.

I’ve managed to get some sewing done and I’ve got another Moda Bake Shop tutorial coming up, but I just wanted to check in here. Thanks again for all the positivity towards Serenity’s Stars.

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2 thoughts on “Two weeks at a time, half a week behind

  1. Heather….pattern is wonderful thank you. Keep your spirits up girl we are all praying for you. Momma told me many times he only gives us what we can handle. I know that sounds little but it gave me strength when down.

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